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Activities and measures in relation to the construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock

From 26 Aug 2016
Area Locatie - Noordzeekanaal

The Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management, who is also the State Harbour Master, announces the following:

Having regard to:

  • Articles 2, 6 and 8 of the Shipping Traffic Act;
  • Articles 1.01, paragraph 1, and Appendix 11, of the Inland Navigation Police Regulations (‘BPR’);
  • Article 2, paragraph 2, of the Compulsory Pilotage Decree 1995;
  • The Mandate Order of 11 April 2013, Stcrt. 9184 (Government Gazette 9184), of the Director-General for Public Works and Water Management and the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, mandating the performance of central government nautical responsibility to the Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management North Sea Canal Area (‘Besluit mandaat nautische rijkstaken Noordzeekanaalgebied’ - Central Government Nautical Responsibilities Mandate Order).


The introduction of Announcement No. 21a/2016 and the experiences since gained have given rise to adapt the following measures in the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal (the inner approach channel to the Middle Lock). For the sake of completeness, all the measures are included in their entirety below.

During the construction of the New Sea Lock at the IJmuiden Lock Complex, the following operations will be carried out in the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal from 6 July 2016 until further notice:

  • The construction of the western and eastern lock heads including the lock gate chambers of the New Sea Lock.
  • The construction of a dam (dividing dam) between the eastern lock head of the Middle Lock and the western lock head of the North Lock.

Operational Phase of the New Sea Lock

Has decided the following:

Due to the realisation of the New Sea Lock, the following measures apply to the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal from 6 July 2016 until further notice.

1. Ships up to the following maximum dimensions are allowed to pass through the Middle Lock:


2. Simulation trials have shown that manoeuvres through the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal of the types of ship mentioned under 1. can safely be executed in the green sectors of the wind rose given below. Wind measurements taken from the control tower of the Middle Lock will determine the wind force and the green sectors. This wind restriction does not apply to harbour tugs.


3. The maximum permitted speed at the location is 4 knots (7½ kmh).

4. (expired).

5. Compulsory pilotage will be imposed on ships that are exempt from compulsory pilotage only if these ships pass through the Middle Lock. It concerns the following ships: ships with a Pilotage Exemption Certificate Holder on board, exempted ships and ships registered in the Dutch Register Kleine Zeeschepen. The purpose of compulsory pilotage is to minimise collisions with contracting equipment and so prevent accidents.

Ships that are exempt from compulsory pilotage and pass through the Middle Lock shall be subject to this compulsory pilotage between the berth and the IJmuiden breakwaters for not more than one ingoing and one outgoing voyage.

The ad hoc compulsory pilotage will be registered in the Traffic Management Information System operated by the Central Nautical Management (CNB).

6. The Director of the Central Nautical Management as the competent authority may adopt additional measures in relation to the safety during the operations mentioned above.

When this Announcement enters into force, Announcement No. 21a/2016 will be cancelled.


The Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management,

Who is also the State Harbour Master,


M.F. van de Kerkhof



Possible means of appeal

Under article 6 of the Dutch Shipping Traffic Act, and under the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht), an interested party may lodge a written notice of appeal against this Traffic Order within six weeks of its date of publication. The notice of appeal must be signed and must contain at least the following information:

- the name and address of the person lodging the appeal;

- the date;

- a description of the Order against which the appeal has been lodged;

- the grounds for appeal.

The notice of appeal must be submitted to:

Amsterdam District Court

Administrative Law Sector

Postbus 75850

1070 AW Amsterdam.



The realisation phase and the operational phase of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock are affecting ships passing through the Middle Lock, because the lock heads and lock gate chambers of the New Sea Lock are built partly in the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal. That is the reason why the present manoeuvres for entering into and departing from the Middle Lock differ substantially from those in the past. To ensure the safety of the building contractor's staff in (for instance) the deep construction pits during the realisation phase of the lock heads and the dividing dam, and to allow ships to and from the Middle Lock to pass at a short distance, it is necessary to take measures to prevent collisions between these ships and the construction works.