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The port of Amsterdam is one of the world’s key international logistics hubs, strategically and centrally located in Europe. It ensures excellent connections to all the major European markets, such as Germany and England.

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Port of Partnerships



Port of Amsterdam: Port of Partnerships

The port of Amsterdam has facilities for handling, storing and transhipping all types of goods. Around 95 million metric tons of various cargo is handled in the port area each year, ranking it as Europe’s #4 port. It is also one leg of the unique seaport-airport-city tripod. Just at a 10 minutes driving distance are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of Europe’s largest intercontinental airports, and the city of Amsterdam, a renowned center of culture, entertainment and history. The Amsterdam port area offers shipping lines the opportunity to serve their customers in the most fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable manner. Experienced terminals are ready to offer tailor made solutions in a congestion free environment. A true Port of Partnerships.

5 clustersOptimal market approach

For an optimal market approach the Commercial Division of Port of Amsterdam manages three teams:

  1. Energie, Cargo & Offshore
  2. Real Estate & Cruise
  3. Circular & Renewable Industry

The teams form a logical combination of supply chains and reinforce the (inter)national position of the port of Amsterdam and boosts possible synergy between various parties.


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Roon van Maanen

Roon van Maanen

Commercial Division
Tel: +31 6 53 22 51 65
E-mail: roon.van.maanen@portofamsterdam.com

Jeroen Lotze

Jeroen Lotze

Commercial Division
Head of Department Real Estate & Cruise|
Team Real Estate
Tel: +31 6 532 94 588
E-mail: jeroen.lotze@portofamsterdam.com